Quality Information

When you buy from us you are buying directly from Angela Davidson and me: her husband, Sandy.  There are no middle-men involved; no large company producing our prints; and no one other than us running our business.

Everything we sell is produced here in our own workshops - by us.  At one end of the building (a converted granite steading, or barn) is the gallery, with Angie's studio on the upper level, and at the other end, the workshops.  If you call us - and please feel free to telephone your order to us if you wish - it will be either myself or Angie who will answer your call.

If you order a print it will be produced on a textured fine art paper we love using - and have used for years: Somerset Enhanced Velvet.  This paper is glorious stuff and we're so glad to be able to use a high quality British made product from St. Cuthbert's Mill in Somerset.

We also use very high quality ink to produce our prints.  Alas, this isn't manufactured in the UK, so every time I need to replace any of the eight ink cartridges fitted to my printer, I have to send Mr. Epson lots of money (and resist the temptation to burst into tears).

We could buy cheaper ink, and we could buy less costly paper - but we choose not to.  What we prefer is - to do justice to Angie's original work. 

Below is a link to the St. Cuthbert's Mill website where you can view a short video showing how they make their paper (and be amazed by their marvellous machinery).