Size Guide

The print sizes you see listed against each print on this website refer to the image size of the print. The paper your print is produced on is larger than the image, so when your print arrives it will have a white border around it of between 25 and 35 mm. Also remember, once your print is framed it will be quite a bit larger than the original print size. We're often asked how big a famed print will be, but can never give an exact size because we don't know how wide the moulding (frame) or the mount you choose (the border around the print) will be. However, if you need any help with this subject, please feel free to give us a call on: 01464 821 351 and we'll easliy help you out. By the way, the paper we use to make all of our prints is called Somerset Enhanced Velvet (how cool is that name?). It's made in a very old factory in Wells, Somerset, called St. Cuthbert's Mill. Below is a link to the company's website where you can view a short video showing how they make their paper (how old is some of that fantastic machinery?). Anyway, we've used rolls of Somerset Enhanced Valvet measuring 1118mm wide by 10m long (that's 44” x 33’ if you still work in old money) for the about the last ten years. It's expensive, but would we change? Have a look at the video for the answer.