Cornflake: A Highland Bull Print by Angela Davidson Art
Cornflake: A Highland Bull Print by Angela Davidson Art

Cornflake: A Highland Bull Print by Angela Davidson Art


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  • A Giclee Print Featuring a Magnificent Highland Bull. A Limited Edition of 500 copies Made in our own studios and available in four sizes Reproduced on Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper.

    Highland Bull Art: Cornflake: The Highland Bull Who Wished Too Hard Cornflake was always delighted when winter changed to spring. Spring meant sweeter grass, warmer air and, most importantly, the return of the swallows. The same two swallows returned from Africa every year, and Cornflake loved when these sleek birds swooped back into his shed and began building their nest. They brought with them stories of exotic creatures like fearsome lions, mountain gorillas and huge herds of elegant antelope. He would stay awake late into the night listening to them chatter about their great adventures and the incredible sights they'd seen.

    After a few summers, Cornflake realised that although the swallows had lots to tell him, he had very little to tell them. He never went anywhere different or did anything interesting, except for posing for tourists down by the loch with Emily. But, apart from that, nothing ever happened to him that would excite anybody, never mind a pair of globe trotting adventurers like his two swallow friends. One night, when he and Emily were down by the loch watching the stars, he told her about his worries: how the swallows returned each year with their fabulous stories of pink flamingos, enormous spiders and huge herds of migrating wildebeest, and all he had to tell them was that they'd missed yet another independence referendum. "Cornflake," Emily eased her gaze from the moon and looked down at her friend, "the swallows enjoy your company because of who you are: a kind, gentle and caring Highland bull. "Cornflake wasn't convinced. "But last night they told me about a huge snake, and the huge snake was wrestling a giant crocodile. It was another fantastic story about really incredible creatures! "Emily shuffled closer to the bull. "Do you know you are as important to those swallows as they are to you? There's no point in them collecting all those wonderful stories if, when they return, there's no one to listen to them. "Cornflake gazed up at his friend, "But I just wish I had at least one incredible thing to tell them, Emily. "Emily sighed gently and moved towards the loch. She waded into the water until it was halfway up the long curve of her neck. She paused and looked back, "See you in the morning. "With a huge swirl, she disappeared silently into the blackness of the loch. Cornflake turned and headed for home, wishing upon wish that he could think of something really interesting to tell the swallows.

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