Evening Sunshine: A Continental Cattle Print by Angela Davidson Art
Evening Sunshine: A Continental Cattle Print by Angela Davidson Art
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Evening Sunshine: A Continental Cattle Print by Angela Davidson Art

Evening Sunshine

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  • A Giclee Print Featuring two of our Neighbour's Cattle. An Open Edition Print Made in Our Own Studios and Available in Two Sizes Reproduced on Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper.

    Evening Sunshine On a beautiful evening earlier in the year, we had a barbecue (you know, it was one of those days when spring has you fooled into thinking summer is just around the corner). The Resident Artist had just reappeared from watering her array of plant pots when she spotted two cattle in the field next door having a quiet conversation. "What d'you think they're talking about?" She lifted her glass and took a seat, nodding towards the field. I was too busy burning my sausage to pay much attention, multi-tasking - as I was - among treacherous red hot coals, a pair of tongs with a mind of their own, and various hissing, spitting and exploding body parts from one or more previously dismembered chickens. And now, to add to my burden (I could hardly believe it) I was being asked to theorise as to what one cow may - or may not - be saying to another. Why couldn't she see I was busy! However, just to keep the peace, I flashed a brief smile in her direction and offered the cow conversation topic of: "Dark matter." She took a gulp of wine, "Dark what?" I wearily raised my sausage to eye level, blew at the flame flickering from its charred carcass, and sighed. "Are you the least bit interested in what I'm saying?" The Resident Artist raised her wine glass again, fixed me with one of her 'looks', then took a tight-lipped sip. "That cattle scene... I quite fancy painting that. What we need is the camera." "I'll get it." I thrust the tongs towards her, "Here, you can have this one, I think it's almost ready."

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