Hare Today...: A  Print by Angela Davidson Art
Hare Today...: A  Print by Angela Davidson Art

Hare Today...: A Print by Angela Davidson Art

Hare Today...

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  • A Giclee Print Featuring a European Brown Hare A Limited Edition of 395 Copies

    Made in Our Own Studios and Available in Two Sizes

    Reproduced on Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper

    European Brown Hare Art: Hare Today

    Harry Hare's Tale:

    Harry was mad. He wasn't mad in the normal way we think of Spring hares being mad. This mad was a foot-stamping mad; a very, VERY annoyed mad; a fizzing, hopping, vein-popping mad. The sort of mad that only ever grips a buck hare when he suddenly realises... he's been duped!

    Harry knew there was something wrong all along. It all seemed so obvious now. That little voice inside his head had been telling him so, but he was so riled up he didn't want to listen. All he wanted to do was show everybody how good he was; how high he could leap and how fast he could run. If only he'd stopped for a moment to think; if only he'd taken a moment to calm himself; if only he hadn't been so damned STUPID!

    He stamped hard with a hind foot then accelerated off, zooming around his field in a huge circle, leaping up at the sky and boxing the air. Then, galloping even faster, he returned to his original position in the field and skidded to a halt, panting.

    Harry closed his eyelids tight then drummed on the earth frantically with both hind feet, until they hurt. Then he hissed through his teeth like a kettle coming to the boil while pulling hard on one ear, until that hurt, too. But now that the final piece of how he'd been duped had clicked into place - it was all so blindingly obvious! It was the paint! The first one had a blob of paint on its back, and then, the next time he saw it, there was no paint. He'd been racing more than one bloody tortoise!

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