Mr. S.: A Simmental Bull Print by Angela Davidson Art
Mr. S.: A Simmental Bull Print by Angela Davidson Art

Mr. S.: A Simmental Bull Print by Angela Davidson Art

Mr. S.

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  • A Giclee Print Featuring a Stunning Simmental Bull. A Limited Edition of 500 Prints Made in Our Own Studios and Available in Four Sizes Reproduced on Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper.

    Simmental Bull Art: Mr. S (The story of a bull who loved to hear children laugh) The real name of Mr. S was Albert, and Albert loved the sound of children's laughter. One day on the footpath which ran beside his field, Albert saw a mother playing boo with her child: the mother would hide her face behind her hands then, quickly opening her hands, say, "Boo!" and the child would scream with delight. This gave Albert an idea how he, too, could make children scream with delight. However, for obvious reasons, he couldn't play boo by hiding behind his hands, so Albert came up with an ingenious plan... A little way further along his field, the footpath disappeared behind a thick hawthorn hedge. Albert's plan was to make a hole in this hedge then, when someone came by, he'd quickly push his head through the hole - and play boo. However, what Albert thought would make his game even more fun was if he waited until dark. Luckily, since it was late in the year, darkness fell just before the school bus pulled up at the stop on the other side of the hedge. So Albert got busy: he gored at the hedge with his head; gnawed at the hedge with his teeth; and he trampled the hedge with his feet. As the afternoon sun began to fade, there was a hole in the hedge big enough for him to put his complete head and shoulders through. Albert could barely contain his excitement... He stood agitatedly in the dark waiting for the school bus to arrive. His pulse was racing; his legs were shaking - he was so, so looking forward to hearing the children laugh, giggle and maybe even scream with delight. Soon, the bus pulled up; the children disembarked; the bus sped off and, through the blackness; Albert could hear young voices approaching. Albert readied himself. He was so excited he thought he might burst. Then, when the unsuspecting children were directly opposite the hole in his hedge, he charged forwards, rammed his huge head through the hole and roared the biggest, "MOO!" he had ever mooed.

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