Peek-a-Boo: A Tiger Print by Angela Davidson Art
Peek-a-Boo: A Tiger Print by Angela Davidson Art

Peek-a-Boo: A Tiger Print by Angela Davidson Art


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  • A Giclee Print Featuring Staring Tiger's Eyes A Limited Edition Print of 395 Copies. Made in Our Own Studios and Available in Two Sizes. Reproduced on Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper.

    Tiger Art: Peek-a-Boo (A story - not for the faint-hearted) The tiger had lived in Bowmore for several years. The house was a cutting-edge, single story building of granite and glass. Wedged back into the steep hillside, its huge front windows faced due south, commanding stunning views of the loch below. A large part of the big cat's day was spent sitting motionless in the grand hallway, gazing at the opaque glass of the over-sized inner door. Sometimes she would pad back and fore from room to room, or lounge outside in her secluded rear enclosure. On warmer days she would stretch out on the cool stone of the main bathroom floor; at other times favouring the large circular bed in the middle of the master bedroom suite. However, for most of her day she sat in the main hall, silently gazing towards the main entrance. The only access to the front of the house was by way of a huge, solid oak door. This hand-crafted monolith opened into a spacious vestibule. The inner vestibule door - the opening which appeared to be of great fascination to the tiger - was a sleek, opaque glass affair, boasting a highly polished steel frame. This door opened directly into the main hall. Other than the quality of their construction and size, these two doors suggested nothing out of the ordinary. However, the feature that differentiated them from every other door in the house were the two electrical motors housed directly under the floor. It was these motors which, via a mechanism of helical gears, rods and cables, controlled the doors' carefully choreographed opening and closing sequence. The house had not been visited for six days. Then, mid-morning on the seventh day, the doorbell rang. The tiger padded silently into the hallway. She sat several yards from the door - and pricked her ears. Exactly ten seconds after the doorbell had been activated, the motor under the floor which operated the external door hummed into action. The outer door began to open. Shortly afterwards, a polite voice enquired, "Hello! Is there anyone home?" Through the opaque glass of the inner door, the tiger observed a silhouette move slowly into the vestibule. The huge cat raised her nose slightly, and sniffed. The mechanism controlling the vestibule door then activated. Its heavy steel locks were released; ringing like a sword drawn from a metal scabbard. The inner door then eased open by exactly two centimetres. "Hello, is there anyone there?" The voice was louder now. A palm pressed against the glass and the door swung - as if in slow motion - open. Simultaneously, the outer door latched shut; its locks slamming home with a solid, dead thud. An elderly woman, dressed in matching tweed jacket and skirt, stepped her sturdy brogues across the threshold and into the main hall. She stood facing the tiger. In her left hand she rattled a blue plastic container. A label stuck neatly to its side read: 'Feed The World's Starving'. The woman tilted her head and beamed a smile. "Oh, a puss-cat! How lovely. You know, I'm very fond of puss-cats." The tigress bounded forward, seized the woman by the throat, and carried her towards the dining room.

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