The Archer: A Kingfisher Print by Angela Davidson Art
The Archer: A Kingfisher Print by Angela Davidson Art

The Archer: A Kingfisher Print by Angela Davidson Art

The Archer

  • A Giclee Print Featuring a Kingfisher An Open Edition Print Made in Our Own Studios Reproduced on Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper.

    The Tale of Kevin: A Disillusioned KingfisherKevin was distraught. Ever since he'd hatched from his egg he always understood he was a Thomson's Gazelle. Why he thought he was a Thomson's Gazelle he didn't know, but up until now nothing had happened to make him believed otherwise - until...A migrating osprey on its return journey from West Africa landed in a tree by the river. It was this globe-trotting osprey who informed Kevin he wasn't a gazelle. Of course, Kevin realised that where he lived in Aberdeenshire wasn't exactly the Serengeti, and - now that he thought about it - it was slightly odd that he'd never ever been chased by a lion, but he'd always put that down to his own good luck (and the fact he lived up a tree). But... but to discover he wasn't - and never had been - a gazelle! In the water below, a minnow swam into view. Kevin's target-tracking radar immediately locked-on to the tiny fish and he launched like a miniature missile towards the water. He returned seconds later to his perch with the tiddler in his beak, then paused with the osprey's words still bouncing around inside his head." You're not a gazelle..." Kevin beat the flippity-flappy fish against the branch."", my colourful little friend, are what's called a kingfisher. "Kevin smacked the fish furiously until it stopped wriggling. "A kingfisher!" Well, maybe... maybe he was a kingfisher - but he could start being one of those tomorrow. Because today - he cocked an eye at his reflection in the water below - today he was still a proud and majestic Thompson's Gazelle! He flipped the minnow around in his beak and swallowed it head first.

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