Quality information

When you buy from us you are buying directly from Angela Davidson and me, her husband, Sandy. There are no middle-men involved; no large company producing our prints; and no one other than the two of us running our business.

Everything we sell is produced here in our own workshops - by us. At one end of the building (a converted granite steading, or barn) is the gallery, with Angie's studio on the upper level. The other end houses the workshops. If you call us - and please feel free to telephone your order to us if you wish - it will be either myself or Angie who will answer your call.

When you order a print, it will be produced on a textured fine art paper we love using: Hahnemuhle German Etching. We could choose to use a more 'cost effective' paper, but we'd rather work up to a standard than down to a price.

We also use very high quality ink; the best Mr Epson has to offer... and try very hard not to burst into tears every time his bill arrives.

So hopefully you'll now understand that we're keen to produce our prints to the highest possible standards. With Angie creating stunning artwork, the least I can do is produce stunning prints. And one last very important thing, please be aware of inferior imitations: if you're looking at a print that looks a bit like Angie's work but doesn't bear her name - it's NOT an Angie Davidson.

Best regards,

Sandy & Angie.